annie his wife was Miss Bly seamster, Binna w●as de house gal, F’ederick was de boy go behi●nd de carriage, open gate an’ ting●.You ain’t know dat maussa own nearly all of ●Georgetown Dat Pint


used to plant● in corn and dat place make all ’e o▓wn provision.I sell too much gras▓s out o

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’ dat place.Mauss used to rule▓ de whole shubang—gracious Lord, ▓Miss Bessie, when I study a

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n’ look● back and ting—an’ fin’ o●ut—you say you ben so po’ I kyant b▓elieve, kase ole

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maussa ben too rich—I kno●w befoh de death of my ole maussa, he● put on de pole boat 50 jimmy

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john o’ bra▓ndy an’ gin an’ rum foh tek up to Cheraw Bridg▓e and put dem in Mr.Coker in st

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o’, and on●e boat carry 160 barrel of rice an’ one carry● 140 barrel, an’ dem barrel hol’?/p>



I ben in de house, an’ den ▓he put me in de field for a while●, and den he pint me to plow, an’ den when he● put Peter in de field for ditch, an〃埊 den ’e pint me to wait on Mr.Ellis●.I wait o

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aklus was ▓de
Amanda Fenrnicas
cook, when Miss
Hamberg Rodny
Bly ben
Jessica Leonardo
home, but now


r, the mule tende▓r.Cuffy was drowned swimming de ribb▓er with Buie, an’ Sawney, t●oo, dem had finish’ task soon, an’ so d▓em start home an’ swim de ribber, an’ Cuff▓y had a bucket tie’ rou

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